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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The Transformation of Kelly Osbourne

With parents like Ozzy and Sharon, you can't blame the girl for being screwy. But today, I would like to celebrate her freedom from screwiness.

Kelly of the '90's and early 2000's just wanted to be a rebel. In public, she was a sloppy loudmouth.It didn't look so good:

her hair and makeup was disgusting, maybe to match her attitude:

But something began to change around 2006. I say it's because she got a boyfriend, model Luke Worrall, who really cared. I don't know, I haven't asked her, I just know she started smiling in her photos:

Her next step toward improvement was getting rid of the gobby-scary makeup of her punky past. It did wonders to her face, though her hair was still in need of assistance.

Although Kelly's hair cut and color was still troubled, all of a sudden, she started showing up places in really adorable dresses. This is when I started to notice her.

And, around 2008, she suddenly lost a LOT of weight:

A body like that would give any girl dramatically improved confidence, and Kelly suddenly got stylish:

her cute, quirky looks led her to even model for Betsey Johnson, and start being a front-row attender of fashion shows. She even started to figure out what to do with her hair!

Wisely, she kept the faithful Luke, who just recently became her fiancee:

And that takes us to the Kelly of today. Take a look:

Okay, well, maybe not everyone is going to love the violet hair, but I do. I think its excactly the fun, stand out, classy little vintage girl she's turned out to be. I'm so happy with her!

Brilliant, Kelly, brilliant!
Will totally be keeping up with this girl as she (hopefully!) continues to thrive.

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