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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girl of the Moment

Meet Hailee Steinfeld, famous for True Grit, which I haven't seen, and don't intend to see, because I hated the original. And...because I don't think I could bear to see Matt Damon look so unattractive.

Anyway, even though I havent seen the film, I've seen her red carpet appearances, like I featured on the Golden Globes. This 14 year old has got some style class! Its youthful and modest, but fun and fashionable. Definitely my favorite Girl Of the Moment!

First of all, she is perfectly cute:

Second, her red carpet choices have been completely refreshing:

^her most recent sashay down the red carpet in Prada at the SAG awards

^ the Prabal Gurung I've already gotten excited over

Third, her True Grit premieres were all young and she smiled at every photo (go away, Taylor Momsen):

Now she has an Oscar nomination...can't wait to see what else blooms for this little beauty!

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