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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


JR is my manager. He came from India when he was 14 and worked as a busboy, barely able to speak English. Now he just turned 20, and doesn't even have a hint of an accent.

JR is often gruff and strict. He's easily moody, and complains a lot. He's famous for making a joke or comment, not liking how you reply, and announcing "you're fired." Of course, nobody takes him seriously, though some get mad. I don't mind, he's kidding. I know beneath all that, he's a perfectly lovely human. If I was in trouble, he'd come to my rescue in a minute. I know he cares. He just likes to hide it.

Still, nobody likes to be in trouble with JR, and neither do I. When he calls out to you-"Kate, I need to talk to you. come here." then something is wrong. I used to be scared. Now I know him to well to be scared-he just likes to be intimidating.
When i heard "Kate, come here." today, I figured i'd forgotten something.
"yeah JR?" i called from accross the room where I was refilling ketchup.
"come here." he repeated. I walked over to him.
"what's up?"
"Kate, what's St. Patrick's day?" he asked. I smashed my smile. He'd probably waited all day for me to get to work so he could ask. He knows I'm the only one who wouldn't laugh at him. I explained it to him as best I could, and he nodded.
"Cool. Get to work." he said, and walked off.

You don't know how honored I felt that he trusted me enough to expose his Indian unawareness. It was so sweet!

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