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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oils and Life

I never mention my school life because it doesn't happen to be particularly lovely, but I am in college. One of the classes I'm taking is called art appreciation. its remarkable how the school system can take something so dynamic and beautiful and fascinating as art and painting and make it lifeless and flat.
I don't enjoy the class, and neither does anyone else in the room.

But last week we hit on a painter that not even such a boring class could dull its life! Renior.
Here's a few of my favorites, depicting moments of happy togetherness.

Isn't he wonderous? So lifelike and realistic, but so much cleaner, fresher, happier than real life. Like the way real life should be. I adore these paintings.
The youth enjoying their waterside spring vacation, the young ladies relaxing, the dance in the park, all of it! I'd like to jump into them and join in the fun.


  1. mmm i loved studying his work once upon a time...

  2. lol that's too bad the class was boring but these paintings definitely lifted you guys up I bet! All of them are beautiful!