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Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Carpet Fashion: Oscars

Dissapointing season again...what's with this?

Still, a few winners I can salvage and display:

i know this might be unpopular, and i typically hate Miley's red carpet style, but I think she looked brilliant at the Oscars. Perfect fit, lovely color, and adore the hair and makeup!

This would have been my favorite gown if it had been in electric blue or cream or mint. The style is stunning. Mariska Hagartiy isn't especially beautiful, but this is such a good dress!

Honestly, I chose this because I love the pink matte lipstick paired with the blue of the dress. props for prints on the red carpet...though I wish Maggie Gyllenhaal would start wearing a bra:

This is a not-quite-as-wonderful version of Miley's gown. It's here because I love the hair blowout, and Cameron Diaz hasn't looked this good on the red carpet in years!

Honestly, I just love the dress on Karlie Kloss. but Jennifer Lopez gives it her best, and if she was posing better, it would have actually been gorgeous. This gown is inspired by the moon:

Still going back and forth on this one. Zoe's dress (no surprise) got the most attention. What do I think? The top is flawless. The bottom, I still can't decide. Any opinions?

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