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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I thought she was done...i was Wrong Baby Wrong!

All through my early teen years, Martina McBride was by far my favorite musician. I thought she was gorgeous, and her voice blew me away. I had four of her cds that i listened to continuously, and i knew every word to every song.

As i got older, however, Martina's talents dimmed for me. I found stranger, lesser known indie acts that sang more depressed and moody songs to match my new depressed and moody self. Martina's girl power music began to feel a little cliche and forgettable. Plus, she was getting older...and less popular. I silently disowned her as my favorite, in favor of something more edgy.

Aha, I've finally grown up enough to come back. I'm so happy to rediscover Martina and her talents, and no longer feel the need to be ashamed of her sometimes over-the-top upbeat-ness.
Happily, my rediscovery came along just as she released a new single; one that I think may actually go somewhere! I'm delighted, and would like to share it with you:

its okay if you're still at the squeamish point and don't feel like this song is quite "cool" enough for you to like; I understand. But just store it away, and sometime out in the sunshine you're gonna come back and be happy to be friends with the lovely Martina McBride.

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