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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

couture week fall 2010

I'm saving the Chanel show for its own post because I couldn't pick few enough favorites, but heres a selected recap of the past 3 days:

Elie Saab was very...Elie Saab-y. ie, lots of flowy gowns:
I think Elie can go a little over the top often, but i love the cut and drape of this dress:

Givenchy featured just 11 gowns in white and gold, every extravagant:

armani prive gave us rustic metalics and artfully tailored jackets:

this is my favorite look, its so confident:Valentino didn't really thrill me, it was mostly solids in white, tan, and a bit of red and dusty blue, but I thought the cage idea was interesting:

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