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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My beloved Dior

I think its pretty obvious by now that I adore Christian Dior as rendered by the brilliant John Galliano, so I'm flipping excited his couture show came out yesterday! As usual, its mind blowing. So detailed and gorgeous. This time, however, there were a few things that bothered me that, if fixed, I would have loved this collection so much more. Still, good stuff.

Some highlights:

some amazing geometric and sherbert eye makeup (I wish he'd used a light gloss on the lip though, instead of the heavy berry):

Its also too bad he put the plastic wrap on, because the tulip-bulb inspired hairdos, like above, were so creative!

look at the watercolor petals that fall from this black dress:

And a parting look:

More couture to come, but Dior must come first.


  1. Hi Kate! It was nice of you to stop by my blog! :) I always love to hear from new readers. Aren't spoon rings great? My hand feels naked without it!

    Also, these pictures are so gorgeous. I showed the eyeshadow to my boyfriend and asked if it would be okay if I wore that sometime. And, (to my shock!), he said that once in a while would be okay. haha. Maybe it's time I learn how to do dramatic makeup!

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