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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A moment

Here is my very first little piece of beauty. I'm not even exactly sure what about it is so lovely, except when I saw it, I smiled. That's my whole goal- to have something so purely and simply lovely that you just have to smile when you see it. They say smiling is very good for you, you know.

Anna is young, only 15. She lives in a little house above the city in a faraway land. She lives with her grandmother, who makes a living for them by knitting wonderfully warm and soft sweaters. Every morning, Anna gets up. Not because she has to, but because she loves the sun. Its her favorite moment to see that pure ball of warmth rise over her precious city, bringing light and life to the town. The people of the town love Anna, and her tiny petite beauty. She makes the sweaters look so good that all of the people of the city want them, and Anna and her grandmother live in happiness.
Her favorite part of every morning, however, is her moment with the sun.

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