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Monday, December 14, 2009

No more darkness!

I was sitting watching a depressing movie the other day, and the thought occurred to me: I'm really tired of sadness.
We all spend so long going from place to place recounting our trials. We make complicated, deep, dark films of the deceit of the upper echelons of society, we write horrific revealing memoirs of our torturous parents, we sing screaming cursing songs about bad girlfriends.

All of a sudden I realized how sick I was of it all. All this overload of badness. One revealing movie, one sad memoir- these things make a point and have the possibility of inciting change. But floods of them? Now we're only assisting in the destruction of the world.

And so, to do my little part to combat all of this darkness, I have started a blog.

Welcome to Nothing But Lovely.

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