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Monday, December 28, 2009

Why am I in love with fashion?

So, might as well make the announcement, I love fashion. I love runway and I love modeling editorials.
I've heard it's shallow, vain or materialistic. I agreed, and I tried to not love it.
Didn't happen.
So then I tried to reconcile my love to myself. What appealed to me about the loveliness of mile-long trains, dramatic red lipstick, full ballroom tulle skirts and porcelain-white skin? What fascinated me about the bizarre feathered headpieces, wild green and neon blue eye paint, and heels unimaginable for walking?
And I have come to a conclusion.
My love of fashion and its lace trappings? There were many reasons.
Fashion is a controllable, creat-able way of making things surreal and heavenly. We can put a perfect looking model in a perfect looking environment, use perfect lighting, perfect photography, perfect hairstylists and makeup artists, to capture forever a moment of perfect beauty.
There is none of that in real life. Real life is messy and practical and things "must be." In fashion the doors are open wide to experimentation and fun and fantasy and beyond belief.

And so, I have contentedly reconciled myself to my love for this art, known to the world as the runway and Vogue.
And since this is ME running "Nothing But Lovely," be prepared for lots of runways and photoshoots. I'll choose only the lovliest.

You've had fair warning. There will be other lovely things, because there is a lot to enjoy in this world, but I'm just warning you what I love.
Do join me!

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