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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm Tiffany. I know who I am. My person is unquestionably me, and I am content with it. I am imperfect-yes, that is a popped pimple beneath my nose-but I am fully aware of my flaws and taking my daily steps to improve them.
I don't laugh that often, but it isn't because I'm often sad. I just like to save my laughs for something that really deserves it. I laughed when my little brother brought me hot tea in bed this morning. That deserved a laugh. I laughed when I finished watching Titanic. Maybe you think that doesn't deserve a laugh, but I laughed with relief and gratitude that I wasn't there. Then I cried a little, for the people who were there.
My mom had cancer last year, and I cut my hair, too. She's getting better. Our hair is growing out together. She's going to be fine. And I am going to be strong for the rest of my life.
Whatever happens, I am ready. I am Tiffany. I like fresh peaches and Doc Martens and there's a poster of Sting above my bed. Soon I'll have enough money for my trip to Ukraine. There's an orphanage I'd like to visit, and I think I'll laugh there, a lot.
Hello, world, here I am.

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