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Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful World

Beautiful World
by Deirks Bentley with Patty Griffin

Its funny that I haven't posted more songs here, since I live and breath music. Well, this is a perfect one to begin with.

I love it because I listen to it when I don't know what else do to.

There's something comforting about country music. Its steady and earthy and sensible. I feel connected and real when I listen to it. Any mental/physical/spiritual revival of mine is incomplete with a raw country song to boost me on.

And here, my friends, is a brilliant example of exactly what I'm talking about.

On the side here you see Cassidy and Deirks, a dream couple. They were friends in fifth grade, and he had a boyish crush on her-who wouldn't, she's gorgeous! Then, and all through high school, he tried to get to her, but she knew he was immature. He was crazy and wild and not ready to settle down, and she refused. Well Deirks, he grew and learned about what he loved and what he knew, and grounded himself in music. With his newfound fame, girls flung themselves at him from every single corner of the country. But Deirks knew what he wanted. Years later, he came back to Cassidy, this time every inch the man she needed.
Guess what? They got married!
Now they've got a little girl, Evelyn, and...its a beautiful world!!

(yes, I'm eternally corny. Get used to it!)

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