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Monday, January 11, 2010

Versace Spring 2010

It's typical Donatella Versace style, but this one I think has some extra spunk and flair I really enjoy!!

Not sure how I feel about the plastic-y look, but I love the fit, coloring, and the dark hair of the model:

Chanel Iman, one of my very favorite models, looks amazing in this jacket.
Freja Baha isn't one of my favorite models, and I hate her hair here, but this is an eclectic, cute and quirky dress, I think:

this is just so well fitting, I have to love it!

Abbey Lee Kershaw is another of my favorite models, though I don't like her makeup here. Still this dress is vivacious and fun, and I love how it looks on her!

Some amazing pieces from Versace this season, especially the short dresses. The long gowns at the end felt trashy to me, but some of the art-deco, bright colors of the first pieces really stood out as fun and eye catching.

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