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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Incredible Riverdance

So I doubt I'm the only person who has been absolutely blown away by the Irish Dance troupes put together by Michael Flately. Without a doubt, they do the most phenomenal dancing I have ever seen. There are many videos, and just seeing one clip, you can't get so completely involved in it like you can if you watch the whole performance. But hopefully this will give you a taste of the beauty, structure, and power of the dance.
As a young girl, I was able to go with my grandparents to see Lord Of The Dance live. Michael Flately had retired by that time, but the moment was incredible. The footsteps pound in your chest, the music literally pulsates through you. Its unforgettable.

This is one of the earliest touring seasons of Riverdance, with the original cast. Michael Flately, the producer, director, choreographer, and lead dancer, was not yet so heady and flamboyant. It's a plainer version, but the dancing is just as brilliant.

Here is years later, now that Michael has gotten some (well deserved) acclaim. He's gotten kinda showy and proud, I think-check out the strutting like a peacock-and the costumes, lightshows, and music is more intense. Still, the dancing is mind blowing.

I suggest once just closing your eyes and listening to the sound of their steps. It really is amazing.


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