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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Stories 2009

Here's a few of my favorite Good News Stories of 2009.

Rough and Tough Quarterback Staying a Virgin

Last week Florida Gators Quarterback Tim Tebow admitted something that most football players would rather die before saying. And he did with a proud smile on his face. At 21 years of age and graced with boyish good looks, Tebow is one of the most talked about rising stars of the NCAA; but the football superstar literally left reporters speechless last week when he answered a question during a press conference about whether or not he is "saving himself" for marriage. "Yes I am," said Tebow briefly, who then indicated he was ready for the next question. However, in the video of the press conference, a reporter is heard stumbling over his words in the background as he tries to ask a follow-up question. Tebow then laughs, obviously reacting to the reactions of the reporters in the room.

"I think y'all were stunned by that," he says. "Y'all can't even ask a question. Wow. I mean, I was ready for that question. I don't think y'all were."

I'm featuring this for the beauty of a man being a real man and doing what he believes, even when people may think he's sissy. That's anything but. Thanks, Tim!

Secret Santa hands out $100 to strangers

PORTLAND, Maine - Christmas2_bing.gif came three days early at a Goodwill store in Maine's largest city.

An anonymous man dressed in a Santa suit handed out envelopes containing $100 each to 100 unsuspecting shoppers Tuesday evening at the store in Portland.

The surprise giveaway was similar to what a Missouri man did for years. Larry Stewart, of Kansas City, handed out $100 bills during the holidays2_bing.gif, but remained anonymous until shortly before his death in 2007.

I couldn't think of a better place to go hand out money than a Goodwill, where practical people are making thrifty purchases at a store to benefit the poor.
There should be more people like this!!

16 Year Old Boy Starts a Backyard School

Babar Ali, a 16-year-old student from West Bengal, India, takes his schoolwork very seriously. Every day after a six-mile journey to school, he sits in the front row and works tirelessly to transcribe his teachers’ lessons. Then, each day, Babar races home after his lessons are over, where hundreds of children from his village are waiting in his backyard. These are children too poor and unequipped to attend school, and so look to Babar to teach them what he has learned. Babar began giving lessons to his friends from the village at age nine, and word has spread far and wide over the last seven years. Soon, other children began crowding in, eager to see what he could teach them. Today, more than 800 students come to his backyard to learn, and his program has grown: now, Ali shares the spotlight with nine other volunteer teachers, and provides his students with donated food and textbooks.

Ali comes from a poor family himself, and, combined with household chores, traveling, and school attendance, his makeshift classroom takes a heavy toll on his time. But he believes his efforts are more than worth whatever sacrifices he may be making.

“In the beginning I was just play-acting, teaching my friends, but then I realized these children will never learn to read and write if they don’t have proper lessons. It’s my duty to educate them, to help our country build a better future.”

What a beautiful boy! If there were more people like this in the world, my blog would be happily unnecessary! I wish I had a photo of him.

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