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Thursday, January 7, 2010

People's choice awards

Well, I was so excited to have a post about the People's choice awards, but now I'm kinda sad; nothing interesting really happened.
The red carpet dresses were blah, the winners were blah, the performances seemed sorta boring.

Sandra Bullock did great, winning both Comedy movie (the proposal) and favorite actress.
Twilight, of course, (Grr!) got best movie, and Taylor Lautner grabbed best breakout.

Johnny Depp, who I absolutely adore, won both best actor and Actor of the Decade, which were both well deserved, but he looked kinda bloated and swoony-- ew.

The only thing I have to show you isn't really lovely, but it's funny, and I think laughter is lovely.

Look at how ORANGE Hugh Jackman is! His face is pumpkin and his hands are white. He won best action male, and I can't believe nobody commented on his ridiculous tan:


Sorry, that was really all I could dissapointing!

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